Change your practice not your body

Yoga, for me, is a companion, that walks along side me in my journey. I deepened this understanding after having my second baby.

When I started getting back into my Yoga practice, I went to a class from the same lineage I’d originally trained with. I will always be grateful to the foundations I learned from this lineage, seeped in Vedic philosophy. The postures, sequences, chants and rhythm were very familiar, I had been practicing them for years.

Yet, I kept coming out of those classes feeling frustrated with my body. I couldn’t get my body into the same shapes I had in the past. For a while I felt disappointed with my body, like there was something wrong with me that I had to fix.

Choosing a new path

Then I went to another type of class. We used Yoga gear and I started working on finding my personal expression of a Yoga Asana. I tuned my practice for here and now, in my body at this present moment.

I realized that my body had changed but my Yoga practice had not. There was nothing wrong with my amazing body, I didn’t need to fix it, my practice needed to change.

And so I changed it, and I haven’t looked back. My daughter was born nearly 11 years ago, and my Yoga practice had blossomed since then. I stopped looking for outside guidance about my own body’s experience and needs. I started listening more deeply to the wisdom and miracle that is my body.

photo of pathway surrounded by fir trees
sporty women with different bodies covered with measuring tapes

The media and the underlying culture around us tells and shows us who we are supposed to be. Tells us how we are supposed to look and feel. It’s time we listened to our inner voice and silenced those outside voices.

Time to listen to our bodies, our experience, our feelings…and let them guide us.

You may like to think about what aspects of your life you may be trying to squeeze into an idea created by the culture around you. What aspects don’t fit your lived experience?

Anne Cullen

I love going to Ruth’s yoga classes because they are inclusive in a way I’ve never experienced in other classes. She is so gentle in her approach, and instead of the postures reminding me of what my body can NOT do I always leave feeling proud of it for what it CAN do. Highly recommend attending especially if you are feeling hesitant about yoga due to your body size or any limited mobility you have currently. Thanks Ruth for creating such a safe space!

New year New website

Thrive with Ruth Website launch!

Ngā mihi o te tau hou Pākehā! Happy New Year. Welcome to my first post to introduce my website. After many hours in front of the computer (with Yoga breaks) it is complete and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Kia ora, ko Ruth Cohen tōku ingoa, I am, among other things, a Yoga Teacher and Fermented Food Adventuress. Check it out ThrivewithRuth.org and subscribe to my seasonal blog. I will post when the seasons shift and I am drawn to share my musings, recipes, Yoga shapes….

What are the benefits of preparing your own, and eating fermented foods?

Much has been said about the benefit to our immune system, gut and mental health from eating fermented foods. Taking that extra step to prepare you own ferments brings you closer to your immediate environment, to your community and can be a form of meditation.

Sourcing or growing your own vegetables connects you with community, and the seasons around you while preparing the ferments engages and focuses all your senses. Fermenting can be a social or community event. This is part of a wholistic lifestyle, connecting us to our environment, community and microbiome within and around us. Contact me to talk about your next food adventure!

**sign up for one of my Intro to Fermented Foods talk and receive a free sauerkraut recipe** go here for details

Online Yoga classes start Mon Jan 17

We live in interesting times and I am learning to embrace them. Online Yoga will be on zoom, I will be able to see you, if you choose, for adjustments to alignment or if you ask me to have a look.

Yoga is a deeply internal experience, moving and listening to your body takes all your attention. Yoga can keep you in the present, letting all other thoughts, worries and distractions fall away. Practicing Yoga in your own home can help in this process.

When you sign up for Thrive with Ruth online Yoga, I can help you find the perfect place in your home to practice Yoga. Everyday items and furniture around your house that can be used as Yoga gear. Any barriers to Yoga you feel you have, feel free to contact me to discuss them!

Consider the humble chair, the cause of so much back pain and discomfort….however, with the careful application of Yoga+Chair, can be transformed into a tool for freedom from lower back and pelvic pain.

One of the ways this can be done is simply by getting up from the chair, turning to face it and, keeping your legs as wide as the chair legs, bend forward slowly until you reach your happy place in the forward fold shape, then place your hands on the back of the chair or the seat, where ever they reach, and…..BREATH, until you feel it’s time to move and do something else, enjoy this little interlude of chair repurposing for every 45min to an hour that you sit in said chair.

please note: all times are New Zealand time zone

Contact Ruth to book in, for zoom and payment details.

Thrive with Ruth Cohen offers unique Yoga classes and fermented food adventures, in group settings or one to one