Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall (retired psychiatrist)

At 75, I have just completed my first year of yoga practice. Ruth’s class has been extremely helpful in making me conscious how I hold my body, especially when I stand or sit long periods. I’ve also learned how to move in ways that make me less likely to suffer muscle strain. I have found it especially beneficial to learn stretching postures that relieve muscle tension and spasm.

Alison Tomlin

I am in Australia and have been doing online yoga with Ruth for 5 months now. This has been a really positive experience. Ruth uses language which feels gentle and safe, so if I am doing a ‘modified’ version I do not feel that I am doing a lesser version of a posture. Each class ends with a relaxation which I look forward to as Ruth has a very soothing voice.

Anne Cullen

I love going to Ruth’s yoga classes because they are inclusive in a way I’ve never experienced in other classes. She is so gentle in her approach, and instead of the postures reminding me of what my body can NOT do I always leave feeling proud of it for what it CAN do. Highly recommend attending especially if you are feeling hesitant about yoga due to your body size or any limited mobility you have currently. Thanks Ruth for creating such a safe space!

Desi Faraj

Yoga with Ruth is my happy place.
It is a little window of time that I put aside for myself, which has become essential to my well-being.
Ruth is not only an excellent, knowledgeable physical yoga instructor, her wise and gentle guidance has enabled me to heal large emotional scars. From a very young age I did not comply with the modern, western stereotype of the female form. As a result, when I met Ruth, during a difficult transition into motherhood, I had a profoundly negative body image and low self esteem. She opened my eyes to how amazing my body is, just as it is. It is impossible to overestimate the personal growth that this has enabled for me.
I recommend Ruth to every body.