Fermented Foods

Fermenting food is the process of using micro organisms to preserve, enhance flavour and nutritional value of a food.

Fermented foods are not new, humans have been fermenting their food to make it more digestible for a long time, and it is universal.

Most traditional kitchens around the world will have something stinky out the back that everyone dips into with relish (pun intended).

I have been teaching fermented foods workshops since 2007 (back then it was strange and stinky), but these days fermented foods are recognized as an important part of a healthy diet.

Food Adventure Options

I wish I could bottle Ruth up and keep her in my kitchen, that would be so useful.

Catherine F.
  • Introduction to fermented foods: This is a two hour talk with samples and examples, learn the basics and the science behind the process, the different types of fermented foods, have your questions answered.
  • Host a fermented foods party at your home: Start off with an introductory talk describing the basics, after that we ferment together, everyone goes home with a jar of something fermenting. There are three options: Sauerkraut style, Kim Chi style or the Brine method, you choose. 6-12 people
  • Sourdough bread making party at your home: Learn the process, some of the science behind the bubbles, each person makes a loaf, learns how to take care of their new starter and receives a recipe.
  • Follow up support: After attending one of my classes, I want to support you to add these skills to the rhythm of your daily life. This can be done as a monthly subscription as an individual or a group. Support is via email, phone, zoom or video chat.

*all courses available online or in person*

When we prepare our own ferments, we engage all our senses and interact with the microbiome within us and that supports all life on our beautiful planet.

At Thrive with Ruth I aim to reconnect people with food, their bodies and the earth through education in nutrition, cooking, food sourcing and sustainable household practices, from field to table and beyond.

  • Introduction to fermented foods: Learn the basic concepts behind how fermented foods work, different ways of fermenting vegetables, receive a sauerkraut recipe, question and answer time at the end.
    • 24 Feb 2023 2-5pmPeihana Farm *to book, contact Maria at PeihanaFarm@gmail.com
    • 23 Sept 2022, 2-5pm Peihana Farm *to book, contact Maria at PeihanaFarm@gmail.com
    • 29 July 22 1-4pm Peihana Farm,*to book contact PeihanaFarm@gmail.com
    • May 20/21 2022 Sourdough Rye bread making, Oakura
    • Sat 5 Feb 2022, 2-4pm Stratford

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